How do I tune my [DSM] with an AFC?

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Here is the "basic" tuning drill for the AFC, courtesy of Kyle Tarry:

"Ok, for all of you guys who are asking what to do since you just got a SAFC, here's the drill:

FIRST, BUY A LOGGER! Non matter what people say, you cannot maximize the capabilities of your setup without one. And, for the price of a good EGT gauge, a pocketlogger can be yours.

Now, on to the good stuff. Set the SAFC up, with the throttle poits at about 30% and 80%. Spread the RPM points across the rev range from 1000 to 7500 or 8000 rpm.

Start by getting the fuel trims in line. Adjust the 1000 rpm point with the car at idle until you get the low fuel trim in the 100%-115% range. Then, do they same for the mid and high fuel trims while moving in their respective zones. (probably about idle, then slow cruise, then a faster cruise). Once you have them all around 110%, then you can carry those numbers you used across the low throttle map, and also use them on the high throttle map.

Now, you should have the high throttle map set up with the same numbers you used on the higher RPM's of the low throttle map. Make a WOT run, and log it. Now, look at the log, and at every 1000 rpms simply decide if the engine is rich or lean. If it is lean (knock) then richen the AFC up a click or two, depending on the severity of the knock. If it is rich (no knock, good O2's) then lean it out a click. Keep doing this until you have all the rpm points set up to a few % right above where it starts to knock.

That's really about it!"

AFC owners should check out the Super-AFC-DSM mailing list on Yahoo! Groups. You need a Yahoo! ID since membership is now restricted. To join, click here.

You can also check out Road Race Engineering's FAQ page on how to initially tune your AFC, and TMO's guide to datalogger tuning.

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