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Owning a DSM vehicle requires you to have access to a fountain of information when it comes to upgrade paths and troubleshooting. That information is available but it is scattered in web pages and forum posts. (Gone are the days of archives and digests). You can hunt around and find this information on various sites but images and pages are generally hosted on personal web space and if you cancel such service, all your information goes with it. Internet archive thankfully has a bit of lost information, but we need a more stable place. We are here to help form a single place for DSM frequently asked questions.

If you can't find it here, we recommend visiting Canada DSM Board, DSM Tuners or DSM Talk and find the information there. If you think it's something that belongs here, let us know and we will look into adding the information.

This site began as a copy of Sean Costall's 1000AAQ. We are slowly rewritting and improving some of the information as it may be outdated. Stay "tuned" for for more information as we aquire it. If you want to help, please send an email to webmaster(AT)dsmfaq(DOT)com with your name and some information about yourself.


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