What is the Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB) system?

The Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB) system is a software package that re-creates the original-style bulletin board systems (bbs) of days gone by. It is a way to create a web-based forum, accessible through the internet, that allows members to post messages to each other. The UBB system is an Infopop product.

UBB's are Forums, and from here on, shall be refered to as Forums.

History Lesson: The DSM-related forums of today are not the Talon Digest of yesterday. The Talon Digest was an e-mail based mailing list. There was only one. It was text-only and did not allow images or attachments. (This was a conscious decision by the list moderator.) Each post was submitted to an automated mailing server for checking and possible moderation by the list owner, who maintained an extremely high standard of conduct and content. The software used was a mixture of public domain and software specially-developed by the list moderator himself. The submitted posts were e-mailed as a single formatted list to all mailing list members at the same time ("digest" format). All of the digests were eventually collected and archived for searching and browsing.

By contrast, the  Forums of today are plentiful and varied. Many allow attachments. The level of moderation varies from virtually nonexistent to virtually military. Most are public, some are private. Some maintain archives of useful technical information. 

What we know for sure is, if you find usefull information that should be properly archived, request us to add the content to this site. We allow archive.org to archive this site as well we will produce montly dumps of the data. There are always 2 admins in charge of the site so if 1 dissapears (like dsm.org), the site isn't locked down and goes into disrepair.

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