How much weight can I reduce my [DSM] by?

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The below weights are copied from DSM Curb Weight FAQ/breakdown post by Aovsi on DSM Tuners.Obviously some parts are required, but this gives you rough idea of parts weight.

Full System, 90 TSi AWD: 35lbs
Full System, 99 GSX: 42lbs

Cooling System:
1G Stock metal radiator fan: 6lbs
1G Stock plastic radiator fan: 5lbs

Carpeting, sound deadening material, etc:
Sound Deadening Material Inside Car: 25lbs
Spare tire cover + privacy cover: 20lbs
1G rug in rear hatch: 2.5lbs
Each floor mat: 3lbs

Tools, etc:
Spare Tire and Jack: 35lbs
1G Stock tool bag and tools: 2lbs

Under hood, hood itself:
Hood, 1G Hood: 44lbs
Hood, 2G Hood: 42lbs
LS1 MAF With MAF Ends: 1.5lbs
Charcoal Canister, 90 DSM Turbo: 3lbs
Fog Lights: 5lbs
Stock 2G battery: 42lbs
Oddessy Battery: 14lbs
Crankshaft: 6 bolt stock crank 35.5lbs
Cruise Control: 90 DSM Turbo With brackets and bolts and lines 6lbs
Various Brackets: Firewall brackets, Intake, air can, heat shields etc 10lbs
1G rubber intake with BOV return hose (from turbo to MAS): 3lbs
1G starter: 8lbs
1G Intake Manifold, With EGR Block off plate: 10.5lbs
1G intake manifold with ALL sensors/ICS motor + support bracket + throttle body: 23 lbs

1G AWD Transmission, Complete: 125lbs
1G FWD Transmission: 85lbs
DSM 7 Bolt Flywhee, unlightened: 19lbs
DSM 7 Bolt Flywheel, lightened: 14lbs
ACT 2600 Clutch Disc: 3lbs
ACT 2600 Pressure Plate: 10.5lbs

Exhaust/turbo related:
APEXi N1 Silencer: 0.5lbs
Tial 40mm wastegate, With Metal o-ring: 1.5lbs
2G AWD Catback, No muffler: 17.5lbs
2G AWD Catback, Full Catback with Muffler: 37lbs
2G AWD Muffler 19.5lbs
16G turbine housing, ported (made few years back or less time ago): 9lbs
1G 14b original turbine housing, unported: 11 lbs
Evo III exhaust manifold, ported: 12 lbs
Evo III o2 housing, unported: 6.5lbs
1G original o2 housing, unported: 6lbs
1G original exhaust manifold, unported: 10lbs
14b turbo, only center cartridge with wheels+comp. housing, no turbine housing: 5.5 lbs

Seats, safety belts, etc:
1G OEM Front fabric seat plus slider and belt buckle. No belts: 50lbs
1G OEM Front Seat Belt Assembly: 30lbs
1G OEM Rear Seat Belt Assemblies, Speakers and mounting plates: 18lbs
1G OEM Rear Seats (upper and lower, leather): 40lbs
1G OEM Drivers Seat (Leather Adj lumbar): 50lbs
1G OEM Rear seat bottom: 12lbs
1G OEM Split rear seat back: 18lbs
2g OEM seat, cloth, no power: 43lbs
1G middle rear seatbelt mount: 2.5lbs

1G Stock Shocks, each: 12lbs
1G AWD KYB AGX rear struts, each: 5lbs
1G KYB AGX front struts, each: 8.5lbs
1G Stock Springs. each: 6lbs
5-spoke wheel, 1996 GS: 20lbs
95-96 Talon Swirl Rims, With 205-55-16 tire: about 42lbs
97 GSX wheels, 17x6.5, no tires, each: 25lbs
90 Laser stock 16" steel wheels w/very bald Sumitomo Srixon-4, 205/55 tires: 45lbs
90 Talon stock 16" aluminum swirl wheels w/70% tread, Goodyear Eagle RS-A 205/55 tires: 42lbs

Electrical, sound, etc:
Stock Radio/CD Player/Amp: 10lbs
DSM Turbo ECU 1.5lbs

1G Bumper, Stock Metal Bumper Rear 32lbs
1G Bumper, Stock Bumper Front 35lbs
1G License Plate w/bracket: 2lbs
Tail light ('90-'91 Talon): 2 lbs
Rear center piece ('90-'91 Talon): 2 lbs
1G ('90-'91) clear pass/flash-through front headlight trim, with bulb and socket: 1.5 lb
1G ('90-'91) corner/side marker, with bulbs and sockets: under 1.5 lb

Center storage compartment door: 2 lb
Center console one-piece that surrounds the shiftter: 2 lb
Passenger side dash storage compartment door: 2+ lb
Metal brackets that hold up the wood in rear hatch: 2.5lbs

Rear Wiper Assembly: 5lbs
Sunroof, Entire 2G glass sunroof assembly w/screws + brackets: 32lbs

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