Isn't this the Talon Digest?

No. The Talon Digest is (or, at least, was) an email mailing list. This is a website. DO NOT send email intended for the Talon Digest to any address shown on this website.The talon digest is no more. Not even the wayback machine has copies (thanks to robots.txt)

All reference to the talon digest will be removed. Todd Day, you did an amazing job back in the day. Unfortunately, it is time to move on.  Should you ever recover a backup, we will be glad to integrate information into the DSMBible.

"The Talon Digest has been unofficially discontinued since September 20, 2002 when the last issue was mailed out. I say "unofficially" because there was no announcement from the list moderator that he was going to cease operations. Rather, the hiatus was expected to be temporary and brief.

At this time the fate of the Digest is not known. It is likely, however, that it will never resume operations. The same might be true of the main site, and the Talon Digest archives, both of which have been in and out of service. This is unfortunate, since these sites were the central rallying point for all DSMers in search of information.

With the demise of the main Digest, Forums have taken over as the primary communications method among DSM owners.

It must be noted that the Talon Digest existing by the desire of the list owner, Todd Day. Todd spent more than ten years in meticulously daily editing of dozens of submissions, creation of unique and customized mailing list software, and construction of some of the best DSM websites ever to be seen. He rarely ever took a "day off" from these tasks, even when away from home. The workload he experienced can only be compared to that of a full-time IT position for a medium-sized business, yet he received no payment for these services, and still managed to keep a full-time conventional occupation, race his car, co-ordinate other DSM website, disassemble the unique code of the DSM ECU, create his own ECU customization business, and have a good time doing it.

Those who might be dismayed at the demise of the Digest and decline of should consider three points very seriously:

Firstly, Todd's decade-long dedication is unquestionably one of the greatest - if not THE greatest - donation of time and effort, by any individual, anywhere, at any time, to the DSM community. Anyone who suggests otherwise is obviously ignorant of history and does not deserve a reply.

Secondly, his efforts directly resulted in the DSM resources that exist today, including this FAQ, the VFAQs, and the subregional boards with their UBB systems. Todd literally started it all.

Thirdly, these resources all exist because someone wishes them to exist. Those who whine about how valuable resources such as the archive and the main website are gone (or in decline) would be better off devoting their efforts to helping to restore these resources to the DSM world."

R.I.P. Talon Digest 

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